American Comfort ACW500C Portable Air Conditioner Review

American Comfort ACW500C Portable Air Conditioner Overview

On the off chance that you are fixated to accomplish comfortable and
chilling crisp evenings, and can’t bargain encountering a peace and
agreeable room condition, at that point American Comfort ACW500C is one
of the best cooling unit to take in more about.

It is a compact aeration and cooling system that accompanies such a
large number of implanted components. It fills in as a cooling unit,
dehumidifier, and air purifier. This cooling unit has been marked to
have everything of what it takes to be the ideal answer for aerating and
cooling your room and disposing of the unendurable hot temperature.

post will aim to de-mystify this product and present significant pieces
of information that will be useful in finding answers of whether this
be the best fit for you.

The so-called super powerful coolant looks very tacky in design and
is described to work perfectly for an area of 350 square feet or less.
Several reviews have mentioned that this coolant has proven to be
mechanically stable and the built is clearly able to support its
multifaceted features.

With almost every small detail looked into, along with analyzing the
comfort this cooling unit provides its users, it has been considered as
one of the best portable air conditioners.

The dehumidifier feature of the air conditioner is really something
that will be certainly appreciable, for it diminishes 66 pints of
moisture. This means you’ll be having a fresher room environment.

The machine prides an AutoDrain technology which is a unique
innovation not always available in portable air conditioners. I can’t
just ignore the fact that this one definitely belongs on our list of the
best portable air conditioners available in the market.

the American Comfort ACW500C unit is energy efficient – a good option
to take care of your electricity bills, right? You can say this is one
of the Best Portable AC
for you home use. The coolant has an EER rating of 10.57 which is
amazing. The coolant is 100% free from ozone destroying CFC carbons and
it uses refrigerants which aren’t harmful to nature by any aspect.

The air conditioner has a power amounting to 13000 BTU, which makes
it considerably interesting. Additionally, I can see that the coolant
has three levels of fan speed and the user can definitely make
adjustments with ease.


  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 13,000
  • Cool Area (Sq. Ft.): 350
  • Item Weight: 67 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 15.8 x 33.1
  • Noise Level: 56 dBA
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 10.57
  • Exhaust Hose: Single
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 5 Year Compressor

Architecture Design

The air conditioner is designed taking into account smart functions
to appear ecstatic in general – and appealing to potential users. When
looking for a portable air conditioner, movability is really important.

American Comfort ACW500C boasts its ability to display an impressive
portability performance. With only 67 pounds of weight, this portable
yet considerably large coolant can be moved easily and shifted to other
places in your house.

The filters are completely washable and deliberately intended to
eliminate smell and odor with its activated carbon technology. It is
very easy to reach the air filters and also, with some caution, you can
clean them from directly.

The sleek design of the machine – which can be catchy of your
attention on first look – and its embedded innovative technology, makes
it a top priority option. The dimensions of the air conditioner appeared
to be very compact, making it look really classy.

The coolant has been known to have shown some considerate cooling
efficiency to its users, making them happy of its superb results of
leaving no hot spots in any corner of the room. But with all those great
features that accompany the coolant, it has some not cool stuff along
with it. The air conditioner has a weighted decibel of 56, making it
produce a bit of some irritating noise.

The height of the coolant is around 35 inches, having a width of 16
inches, and a depth of 17 inches. The coolant has with it added
integrated castors to add up to its portability capacity. The castors
slide the air conditioner unit smoothly, making your life easy when
moving it.

The American Comfort ACW500C also has its own drip pan to store the
dehumidified moisture. The machine includes light indicators to keep you
informed. It’s hard not to mention that the design of the filters looks
very intuitive.

The air conditioner comes with a fully adjustable window kit, which
can be helpful in regards to concerns when covering some part of the
window to which it is linked in order to achieve better results. You can
easily setup the window kit – beginner friendly – in a few minutes.

American Comfort Portable Air Conditioner Pros

  • The machine is highly energy efficient with an EER rating of 10.57
    making it nature-friendly. This is a good way for me to save money and
    keep my pockets happy in the long run.
  • The compact size of this portable air conditioner is the first thing
    that has stricken my mind where I can remember I have been always
    dreaming about it. I really wanted one! The dimensions of this coolant
    is perfectly laid out to fit most of the areas in my place.
  • The totally flat base design makes it so easy to place even without any support.
  • The filters are very easy to clean and as mentioned above, you can easily reach them on the back of the air conditioner.
  • The machine has a superb cooling effect and has a 13000 BTU power.
    This makes it so good enough to cover an area of 350 sq. ft. of your
    house. You can even use it in your living room.
  • The coolant has castors that enable easy movement and use. One can
    simply move the coolant from one place to another without any added
    stress. The windows kit comes along with the air conditioner and is
    fairly adjustable so that you can apply it to any type of window.
  • The air conditioner, in general, is so fine that the company
    automatically gives a free 30-day money back guarantee to every
    customer. If in this period you didn’t find it good enough, you will
    have the luxury to return the unit and get a full money back.
  • The filters are very easy to clean and as mentioned above, you can easily reach them on the back of the air conditioner.

Soleus Portable Air Conditioner Cons

  • The unit is one of the most high-priced portable air conditioner
    product. But of course, what should I expect for such an impressive
  • There aren’t many things that I don’t like about this cooling machine; however I have got some points here that may help you.
  • The machine has weighted decibels of 56 which may be enough to disturb a good night sleep for low noise tolerant people like me.

Final Thoughts

The device is very portable and has every possible requirement I’m
looking for to make it one of the best portable air conditioners I would
use myself.

The 30-day money back guarantee is also something that attracted my
attention and creates in me an instant faith in the quality of this
cooling machine. With its high energy efficient technology, I can forget
about the high price and believed that this will save me a lot of money
in the long run anyway.

I believed it was a good investment and thankfully, I was right. The
coolant is certainly worth to buy. I realized that sometimes the price
matters if you really want quality products.

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